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Night Life

1 Blues For Texas w/ Leon Rausch (O.W. Mayo)

2 Husbands & Wives (Roger Miller)

3 Beyond The Blue Neon (P. Nelson, L. Boone)

4 Wine Me Up (Faron Young, B. Deaton)

5 True Love Ways (Buddy Holly, Norman Petty)

6 That’s The Way Love Goes (Sanger D, Shafer, Lefty Frizzell)

7 Above And Beyond (Harland Howard)

8 Don’t Be Angry w/ Jody Nix (Wade Jackson)

9 ‘56 Ford (Vance Lane)

10 West Texas Town w/ Bobby Flores (Dean Dillon, Robert Earl King)

11 Night Life (Willie Nelson)


Moonlight, Whiskey And Rainbows

1 Alone With You

2 Baby I Will

3 In Between Disasters

4 When Rita Leaves

5 I Got A Feelin w/ Twyla Pearce Foreman

6 Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies

7 An Empty Glass

8 More Than I Can Say

9 Burnin’ Moonlight

10 Smoke Rings In The Dark

11 Rhythm of My Heart

12 Cherry Bomb

13 Over The Rainbow

Produced by Bobby Flores


Vance Lane - Night Life / Moonlight, Whiskey & Rainbows

  • If there’s one thing that will immediately pique my interest in an album it’s “featuring Leon Rausch” on the cover so imagine my delight when Texas singer Vance Lane’s Night Life release not only says that, but also lists Jody Nix and Bobby Flores. If you’re into Texas dancehall music those names alone will imply quality, and that’s exactly what it is. However, rather than just releasing Night Life, Vance Lane has gone for a double whammy with Moonlight, Whiskey & Rainbows simultaneously released. ‘Concept’ would be putting too strong a point on it, but the albums are very different from one another, with Night Life featuring well-known classic songs (and one original – ’56 Ford) and Moonlight, Whiskey & Rainbows sounding mostly more contemporary. Both albums though are varied and include the odd wild card. I sure wasn’t expecting to hear a Bobby Flores-ed version of Over The Rainbow right after Vance Lane’s take on Mellancamp’s 80s biggie Cherry Bomb, a record I’ve always absolutely loved. I also wouldn’t expect to find Rodney Crowell’s Above And Beyond or Strait’s Beyond The Blue Neon on what is essentially a ‘classics’ album, but of course I should, as both songs are every bit as good as Wine Me Up or Don’t Be Angry. It actually made me wonder why more singers don’t do it, and I’m really hoping for a cover of Larry Boone’s I Just Called to Say Goodbye Again. Lane’s own song, ’56 Ford, stands up well in its illustrious company, and is sure to fill the floors in many a Texas dancehall. Meanwhile, over on Moonlight, Whiskey & Rainbows there’s the fabulous When Rita Leaves, a Mexi-country masterpiece, the Mavericks-ish Alone With You which The Derailers included on their Genuine release, a great version of An Empty Glass which has been cut by a bunch of people, and More Than I Can Say (not the Buddy Holly song) which has a bit of an Irish feel. Whilst I could argue that Vance Lane could’ve made one absolutely stunning 18 or 20 tracker with a bit of trimming, both these albums stand up on their own merits and with their own, albeit slightly different identities. There are many interesting song choices across both releases, a wonderful production by Bobby Flores, and both have much to offer.

    Duncan Warwick - Publisher, Country Music People Magazine

    Vance Lane has done himself proud with a selection of great tunes, new and old by artists like Willie Nelson, Faron Young, Roger Miller, Bob Wills, Stonewall Jackson and so on. I was proud to be a part of the Night Life CD, along with my friends, Jody Nix and Bobby Flores. Give these CDs a listen and you will love it, just like I did! Leon Rausch, Bob Wills Vocalist

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