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Disc: 1

  1. Somewhere In Texas

  2. Getting Over You Again

  3. The Only Bridge

  4. She Wears Faded Jeans

  5. You Wouldn't Know Love

  6. Case Of Sorrows

  7. If This Was Texas

  8. One More Rose

  9. I Can't Make It Without You

  10. April's Fool

  11. One Minus Everything

  12. Too Much Woman

Curtis Potter The Best Of, Volume 1

  • is proud to present the first volume of "The Best Of Curtis Potter". In this "Best Of Volume 1" you will find nine (9) of the classic songs that Curtis recorded either on 45's or on LP's for Dot, Capitol, RCA, Hillside and Step One Records. Three (3) new songs were recorded to round out the song list. All twelve (12) of these new digital recordings were completed during May 2001, with an emphasis on capturing the feel and styling of the original recordings. Consideration was also given to bringing each song to the current 2001 standard for commercial success.


    Bill Mack, Country Music Hall Of Fame DJ had this to say: "Curtis Potter is in that special genre of music that is so very much enjoyed and appreciated. The handle some attach is "Honky Tonk" or "Western Swing". Others refer to it as "The Texas Beat" or "The Southwest Sound". It really doesn't matter what tag is attached, it is simply very good music presented by a man who is respected as being at the top of the heap at his craft. After listening to Curtis Potter on this collection, you will be anxiously looking forward to 'The Best Of Curtis Potter Volume 2'!"


    Mike Crow, Program Director KTFW-FM, Fort Worth, Texas had this to say: "Curtis Potter is one of a hand full of country singers that can sing Honky Tonk & Western Swing songs and convince you that he invented the style. There a few others in that catagory, like Leon Rausch, Ray Price, Hank Thompson, Jake Hooker and Johnny Bush. Another quality of these fellows is that they seem to age like a fine wine, just getting better at their craft as the years go by. This CD from Curtis Potter will give you the same satifaction as that rare bottle of fine wine. I could not begin to pick a favorite from this compilation of songs. The smooth vocal style of Curtis Potter brings out the best in every one....Enjoy."

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