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Vance Lane


Vance Lane was born in Odessa, Texas in 1952. Early musical influences included Bobby Vee, Ricky Nelson, Buddy Holly, The Beatles and Merle Haggard. In 1972, Vance began his music career, playing popular night clubs in Odessa, Midland & other West Texas & New Mexico venues.

Vance played, on average 240 nights per year for the next 20 years, developing a large following covering everything from Merle Haggard & Bob Wills to Buddy Holly & the Rolling Stones and always enjoyed playing a wide variety of music as long as the crowd could dance to it. In his career, he has played over 6,000 nights. That’s a lot of two-steps & waltzes.After appearing for a couple of months early on, in Jefferson City, Missouri at a


at a night club two blocks away from Missouri’s state capital building and determined that he much preferred playing in Texas to folks who knew how to dance to country music. When Vance was 16 years old, he met legendary producer Tommy Allsup, who owned a studio in Odessa & in 1978, worked on the first of several recording projects with Tommy at Sumet-Burnet Studios in Dallas, Texas. Vance thought it was “pretty neat” to work with Tommy in the same studio (And with the same engineer, Bob Sullivan) where “Bob Wills For The Last Time” was recorded. Vance was actually the first artist to appear on the Southland Records label.



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